• Kauri Mocassin

    $140.00 inc. GST
    Suede leather outer fully lined with sheepskin, suede collar and 5mm EVA sole which extended up the back heel of the slipper - sometimes called a driving moccasin. Available in 2 colours and a variety of sizes for both men and women.
  • Kea

    $105.00 inc. GST
    Sueded sheepskin, centre seamed slipper, this style is wide fitting with wide opening for ease of slipping on. The use of a centre seam provides extra space and comfort especially for those akward toes. Choice of 6mm EVA sole or Soft suede leather cushioned sole. Suitable for both men and women.
  • Kiwi

    $105.00 inc. GST
    Sueded sheepskin upper with roll collar, back heel support and a 11-5mm wedge sole. This is a narrow fitting style so better suited for womens feet. Available in a Sand, Walnut or Black.
  • Koru

    $99.00 inc. GST
    Sueded centre seamed sheepskin toe cap, raised back with a Koru patterned band, 18-7mm wedge sole. With its centre seam construction this slipper provides excellent comfort and the raised lip at the back helps keep you foot in the slipper better than a straight scuff. Colours; Black or Sand
  • Pipi Moccasin

    $125.00 inc. GST
    Same great moccasin style with suede leather outer, fully lined with sheepskin and a great sheepskin collar. Available with a 5mm EVA sole or soft leather cushioned sole. Available in Colours: Sand, Ruby, Grey, Sizes UK 3-10 (NZ/US 5-12)
  • Puka

    $89.00 inc. GST
    Suede sheepskin toe cap with Sheepskin trim, sheepskin foot. Available as a hard sole with a 6mm EVA sole.
  • Rimu

    $125.00 inc. GST
    Sueded sheepskin upper, back heel support and a 11-5mm wedge sole. This classic style is great for providing both comfort and support Sizes UK 4-13
  • Weta

    $89.00 inc. GST
    Suede sheepskin toe cap with bound edge, sheepskin foot with a 18-7mm wedge sole. Colours; Sand or Walnut Sizes; Small, Medium, Large, X Large, XX Large