Testimonials from around the world.

My mother was thrilled with the Cozee waist warmer and wore it all weekend. She is keen to show it to all her mates at the bridge club and gardening club.
Mrs B. Smith      Auckland

I would like to thank the makers of the Cozee Waist Warmer. It came at a very good time. I had been  in the garden a few days before and was feeling rather sore, when my Cozee arrived. I plugged it in, strapped it to my back and kept it  there for a few hours and the relief was wonderful. You can still move about with it on. So now when I have been gardening I heat it up and put in on when I come in.  Thank you again.
Mrs M. Young     Morrinsville.

Received Cozee Neck Warmer with many thanks. It is just great and will be very useful.
Once again many thanks
Mrs I. Whitfield     Paraparaumu Beach

I love my Cozee hot water bottle, espeacially when I travelled around the south Island. Everyone needs one they are the business!
Ms H. Goodyear     Auckland

The slippers purchased are highly recommended – they are soft, comfortable and luxurious on tired feed at the end of working day and the husband is quietly enjoying his slippers as well. The cozee hot bottle did the trick instead of waiting for the electric blanket to warm up. Thanks David for the excellent service.
Mrs Lois. B     Auckland

I bought four of the Electric Hot Water Bottles from you earlier in the year.They are very popular with everyone I’ve given them to. However, I haven’t got one now and would like to order two more.
Mrs J Kent      Rotorua

This is a fabulous product. The neck warmer fits snugly over the shoulders and neck area and is comfortable to wear. Importantly you can walk around while wearing the warmer and it doesn’t slip around. Extremely efficient service with prompt delivery. Thank you!
Mrs J Jenkins       Auckland

I’d just like to say “thank you” for the product – we spend a lot of winter staying in “bare basic” huts – either in forest camps or motor camps and the addition of the electric hottie to my sleeping bag gave me some of the best nights sleeps I have ever had in those conditions.
Mrs V Cobset  Rotorua

When I was in Dunedin recently I was really intrigued to see the electric Hot Water Bottle I have a circulation problem and psoriasis so I cannot use an electric blanket but I definitely need a hottie for my feet and this product addresses both issues. I am so grateful to have this type of hottie & it starts to gradually lose heat after 4-5 hours but is still warm after 7-8 hours so I am busy promoting it in South Western Sydney & have printed all the “Electric Hottie” products on the website which I am handing out when I tell people who are interested in these products. Thank you and I look forward to seeing these products in our stores soon.
Mary E Carmichael, Campbelltown, NSW, Australia.

It is a complete life saver for my mum who relies on it totally.  I can’t recommend your product highly enough!  I am eternally grateful as she has bad circulation problems and while in hospital she was able to use it surreptitiously as they are so stupid as they think it is like an ordinary hottie.  She is now in an old peoples home and finds it so handy with her arthritis to plug in instead of fiddling with hot water bottle tops and boiling water.
Mrs S Marks         Wellington